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The Music Business and Talent

Many years ago, my fellow musicians and I were heatedly discussing the metoric rise of a singer of questionable talent. We were going round and round about how unfair it was and blah, blah, blah. Suddenly our band leader, an older gentleman who had had success on TV as well as the music business, stopped us and said the following:

“Guys, never forget that this is the entertainment industry. You may not understand why, but this singer has made 20 million people exchange their hard-earned money for his music.”

He was right.

So I was very amused to read the following definitions on this subject over at the Succeed in Music blog:

  • Talent: “the ability to get people to pay you for what you
  • Entertainment: “the ability to provide value to those who pay
    attention to you”.

Pretty much sums it up to me…