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Sponsored Tours – Ozzfest is Free?

According to this story at iafrica, there will be no admission charge for the upcoming Ozzfest Tour. Instead, all production costs will be paid for by sponsors.

My hunch is the big winners here will be the artists themselves as they sell more merchandise than ever before. Which is similar to what can and should happen online too. The music business has NEVER been just about music. It’s about experience, and the more experiential content available to a fan, the more they’ll come back again and again. Free or not, they’ll keep coming back as long as it’s authentic.

I also have a hunch that the losers will be the sponsors for the simple reason that as a culture, we’re tired of being hassled by sponsors. Tired of the Cheetos Bowl, the Coca Cola Tour and all the other dozens and dozens of names we’ve learned to simply tune out.

That said, if you’re an Ozzy fan, have fun.