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About Steve

I’m Steve Grossman.

I teach people like you – passionately creative players, singers, songwriters, and aspiring artists – how to build long-term, successful careers in music.

I bring 30+ years of music and business experience together into posts, videos, workshops and coaching full of exactly what you need to know to make it in music and in life.

Identity, Purpose, and Calling

Yes you are a musician, but you are so much more. You are a person with talent, needs, wants and desires. A person who not only wants to play/write music, but also wants a life.

Most musicians fail because they are in denial – or unaware – about what they want from life. This is a conflict that kills most careers. A conflict that does not have to exist.

I address this conflict by focusing on your identity, purpose, and calling.

  • Identity – who you are what makes you tick. This is not only important for you but crucial to how you present yourself to the world. Knowing who you are is the foundation to confidence and confidence attracts other people.
  • Purpose – what you do and what you want. You will never get anywhere without clear goals and a defined way to get them. “I just want to play music” is a fuzzy, blah, and de-motivational goal. With my help, you’ll have goals that kick you out of bed every morning and create a little bit more of the life you want every day.
  • Calling – why you must succeed (and why I do what I do). I believe people are created with specific talents, skill sets, and desires in order to pursue and complete specific purposes on earth. Don’t you? Let’s work to determine yours and give you what you need to go make it happen.

You Don’t Have to Wonder Anymore

  • You can learn what it takes to make it in music. Successful people are students of what it takes to succeed.
  • You can be as confident about your career as you are about your music. Really.
  • You can go to bed each night knowing you’ve spent the day moving yourself closer to your dreams.

If you’re a player, singer, songwriter, solo-artist, or band who wants to make music your career and life, this site is for you.

I’ll give you what you need to know – and only what you need to know – to build a long-term, solid and secure music career.

  • Long-term: You want to be playing in 5, 10, even 20 years from now, right? I’ll show you how.
  • Solid: I’ll also show you how to have a consistent and balanced life for all those years.
  • Secure: And I’ll show you how to do all that despite the uncertainty of music and other musicians.

Yes, It’s Free

The only logical thing to do now is to sign-up for my free, online video course, How to Get Noticed, Heard and Hired. It’s a three part, self-led program that teaches you:

  • How to get noticed by the right people so THEY will remember you. (You want to be memorable so you can get heard)
  • How to make an impact when you are heard – live, online, through Social Media, whatever – so they know what you do and how it will help THEM
  • How to have effective conversations that get you hired for the money you deserve
  • How to get noticed, heard and hired

Did I mention it’s free? Click here to learn more, and sign-up for instant access to the videos and worksheets.

If you’re really serious about your success, check out the full, How to Get Noticed, Heard and Hired course and the individual modules on Marketing, Networking, and Negotiations found here. To learn more about my book, Why I FAILED in the Music Business and How NOT to Follow in My Footsteps, click here.

Please connect with me anywhere we both “live” online and contact me with any questions or inquiries.

Thank you for visiting Your Success in Music.

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