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About Steve

I’m Steve Grossman.

I teach people like you – passionately creative players, singers, songwriters, and aspiring artists – how to build long-term, successful careers in music.

I bring 20 years of music experience and 10 years of business experience together into posts, videos, workshops and coaching full of exactly what you need to know to make it in music.

I’m a Former Pro Drummer.

  • I’ve played and/or recorded with India Arie, Russ Taff, Out of the Grey, The Gibson/Miller Band and many, many others.
  • I’ve played live and in the studio, toured most of the United States and much of the world.
  • I have a Grammy and an Academy of Country Music Award.

I’m a Former Corporate Executive

  • I’ve served as Operations Manager, Product Manager and Director of Organizational Alignment.
  • I’ve managed a staff of 45 and managed products and businesses worth over $20 Million.
  • I’m a published author and certified Dale Carnegie facilitator.

But Let’s Talk About You

If you’re a player, singer, songwriter, or aspiring artist who wants to make music your career and life, this site is for you.

I’ll give you what you need to know, and only what you need to know, to build a long-term, solid and secure music career.

  • Long-term: You want to be playing in 5, 10, even 20 years from now, right? I’ll show you how.
  • Solid: I’ll also show you how to have a consistent and balanced life for all those years.
  • Secure: And I’ll show you how to do all that despite the uncertainty of music and other musicians.

Check out the About Your Success in Music and please connect with me anywhere we both “live” online and contact me with any questions or inquiries.

Thank you for your time.

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