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About Your Success in Music

You’re Ready

  • You’ve taken the lessons, practiced the hours, and paid your dues to get great.
  • You’ve had success, but you’re not sure you’re succeeding.
  • And you’re tired of wondering if you’ll ever have the career of your dreams.

You Don’t Have to Wonder Anymore

  • You can learn what it takes to make it in music.
  • You can be as confident about your career as you are about your music. Really.
  • You can go to bed each night knowing you spent the day moving yourself closer to your dreams.

What Others are Saying:

“With the help of Steve Grossman’s knowledge and expertise, I was able to gain the confidence in knowing that no matter what I did, I wouldn’t fail. He gave me the confidence and the tools necessary to see my vision and bring them to light. If you’re at all confused and frustrated with your current direction, Steve is the person to help you. Thanks Steve!” – Daniel C.

“I got stretched. You know, stuff I’ve never considered, things I needed to ask a long time ago, and I didn’t.” – Luke M.

Steve’s lessons are, “for artists, songwriters, musicians. Anyone that wants to be a part of the music business, who is trying to make a career out of this and trying make a comfortable living.” – Alayna M.

We learned “the things we can do to actually benefit our career and help us grow as artists and musicians and have a long term career and the important things too. How to really focus on those individual things that make us unique, and authentic as a person, and where we can really make our impact.” – Tiffany S.

“It’s helped me take a better look at myself & really pinpoint things I need to improve in my life & more importantly, my career. And us both being musicians-to me, that’s a breath of fresh air.” – Matty C.

What You Need to Know

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