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Music career and life building skills, tips, and coaching for musicians, singers, songwriters, solo-artists and bands

Steve Grossman is a Grammy and ACM award winning drummer, author and speaker. He is a career, business and certified Life Coach to musicians, entrepreneurs and small business owners. In addition to playing at church and around town, he helps run a local arts education non-profit where he also teaches drums. He and his wife Jill have been married 31 years, have two adult children, and own and operate Erchomai (air-ko-my) Counseling and Coaching in their hometown of Smyrna, TN.

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What others say:

With the help of Steve’s knowledge and expertise, I was able to gain the confidence in knowing that no matter what I did, I wouldn’t fail. He gave me the confidence and the tools necessary to see my vision and bring them to light.

– Daniel C.

It’s helped me take a better look at myself & pinpoint things I need to improve in my life & my career.

– Matty C.

We learned the things we can do to actually benefit our career, grow as artists and musicians and have a long term career. How to really focus on those individual things that make us unique, and authentic as a person, and where we can really make our impact.

– Tiffany S.

I got stretched. You know, stuff I’ve never considered, things I needed to ask a long time ago, and I didn’t.

– Luke M.

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